Fairview Open Space

The Fairview Open Space is the largest undeveloped parcel of privately-held land in El Cerrito.  This hillside is visible from much of El Cerrito and the north-central Bay Area (including San Francisco).  Although privately-owned, this land has always been in a natural state, and has several features that make it particularly unsuitable to development.

El Cerrito Hillside Organization (ECHO) is a community group dedicated to preserving Fairview Open Space.

The El Cerrito Trail Trekkers is a local hiking group with more information on their website about the El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area which is next to the southern border of Fairview Open Space. The EC Trail Trekkers formed in order to build, maintain, publicize and use the little known urban trails of El Cerrito, California.


Contact Us: cerritohillside@yahoo.com