Will Fairview Open Space Be Developed?

May 11, 2022

The Toll Brothers have decided not to “move the project forward at this time.” They anticipate that the owner of the property “will take the next steps to move the project forward.” ECHO will keep this website updated with any new developments as we are aware.

May 6, 2022

There have been several efforts to develop Fairview Open Space over the last 2 decades, including development applications in 2016 and 2018. Now, a new threat has arisen that is concerning. From the El Cerrito Trail Trekkers…

The large home builder Toll Brothers is looking at the site for potential development.
The […] development application dated July 2018 (which the City rejected as incomplete), proposed to: (1) construct 38 single-family homes; (2) bury most of the northern
tributary to Baxter Creek; (3) preserve approximately a third of the site as open space; and (4) conduct extensive grading and removal or degradation of oak woodland and riparian habitat on the remainder of the site.

ECHO will continue to monitor this situation along with the EC Trail Trekkers to provide updated news. The owner of this property submitted a proposal to the El Cerrito Planning Department in 2016 and received a strong letter of rejection at that time from the City (read here). However, California State Laws regarding housing and zoning have changed and the possibility exists that these new laws may work unfavorably for protecting Fairview Open Space. Including the possibility of bypassing an Environmental Impact Review (EIR).

The Sierra Club has responded to the current interest by the Toll Brothers (read here).

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